How To Fix WhatsApp Status Not Showing

Whatsapp is an android messenger app that helps you to send messages, videos, and audio to friends and family. It also has some features which make it unique and different from other apps. It has an option for a status update. People usually share their photos, videos, and something else for entertainment and fun. But most of the time people faced the problem of Whatsapp status not showing. People usually asked about it how to fix WhatsApp status not showing. Here we will share ten different methods that help you to solve this problem.

1-Check Internet Connection

When you suffer from this problem you need to check the internet connection of your android phone. Sometimes your phone is not properly connected to the internet due to this WhatsApp is unable to show you the status of your friends and family. So, check the internet connection first whether it is on or off. If data is on then you need to visit the internet setting and check if there exists any kind of issue in the setting of the internet. If there is a problem then you need to fix it and then go back to WhatsApp status. Now it will start showing status.

2-Check Your Blocked Contact

If you are suffering from a problem of whatsapp status not showing and want to fix WhatsApp status not showing then you need to check the blocked contact. Sometimes unwillingly some contacts have been blocked by us. When we block some contact then its status will not appear to us. So, if you blocked any contact and want to see its status you need to unblock the contact first then its status will appear before you.Check how to unblock the contact.

3-Check WhatsApps Status Setting

Sometimes setting problems may lead to not showing the status of other people. Because Whatsapp allows you to share status with specific people you want to share. So, If you previously not allowed the status to appear to someone then it is the reason that WhatsApp status is not showing to the other person. Change your setting if you want to show the status.

WhatsApp Status Not Showing


4-Readdition of Contact

you need to delete the contact and save it again for the fix of not showing WhatsApp status. Sometimes due to load in the android phone or WhatsApp application leads to this problem so, if you read the number and refresh the WhatsApp contacts you can watch the status of this contact. So, readdition of contact is the solution to tackle this problem.

5-Ask Other Person To Save Your Number

If you have the phone number of your friend and you added it to WhatsApp but are still not able to watch his status it means he did not add you back so, if you want to see his status asked him to save your contact in the phone then you will be able to see his status until he wants to show you.

6-Message The Person On WhatsApp

Sometimes we add a new contact to our contact list but are still unable to see his status. In this case, you need to message him on WhatsApp so that he can add you back and his status starts appearing on your phone. It is the best way to get rid of this problem.

7-Try Whatsapp Web

If you are unable to see the status of someone you need to try WhatsApp on your computer by using the feature WhatsApp web. It shows your all messages and status on your PC. Some missing status also appears on your PC and you can solve this problem by using WhatsApp web.

8-Update Whatsapp

To fix the WhatsApp status not showing you need to check the update of your WhatsApp.Because sometimes updates on WhatsApp may disturb the status of some friends. So you can solve this problem by updating your WhatsApp by visiting play store from where you install the Whatsapp.

update whatsapp

9-Force Stop & Restart

You need to force stop and restart WhatsApp if you are suffering from the problem of status not showing. When you restart it then you can watch the status of your friends and family without any disturbance.

10-Ask Other Person To Check His Privacy Setting

If you are unable to see the status of someone then you need to ask him to check his privacy setting. Because WhatsApp has a feature of privacy that helps you to show your status to specific contacts. If he does not allow you from setting then you are unable to see the story from him on status.

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